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References direction on the highway:

  • Attention, most GPS directs the federal highway (BRs) through the cities of Itapipoca and Amontada. This path is not the fastest or the shortest, much less the more quiet.
  • Consider using the CE-085 road, because BR has many holes and truck traffic, but it is the will to follow the path that suits you best.
  • You will not find cards featuring Icaraí Amontada Icaraizinho or during the beginning of the route, only in the final kms. Go straight towards Jericoacoara, always checking whether it’s keeping the EC-085, noting the entry Icaraí Amontada, as the map below.

Important Notes:

  • Much of the path is done without cellular signal;
  • Beware the night with critters on the road;
  • One option to stop for bathroom and food, is the location of Paraipaba, where we have several small restaurants that work until 20hs generally.
  • It should come with a full tank, because the road there are not many posts
  • There is no ATM in Icaraí Amontada and should bring cash because not all sites use a credit card.

Local Map– Icaraizinho (Icaraí de Amontada)

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