The Inn

It all started after reading an article on a travel magazine,  and our destination was already chosen without even noticing. For 15 days, we discovered Icaraizinho and our intention to extend our trip to Jericoacara was gone. The place´s quietness and the exuberant nature were so comforting that we changed the direction of our lives and 1 year later we were already living in Icaraí of Amontada.


In the beginning of 2012, we opened “Life Bungalow” and since then we have met dozens of special people. Soon after that (2013), we opened 2 more bungalows, a swimming pool, a relaxing gazebo around a pool bar, which make Hula Hula Brazil a special place in Icaraizinho of Amontada.


We love dogs and we have a mixed Labrador, called Ami, and Pepito, which is adorable.

We welcome guests with small breed dogs, as long as they´re not aggressive. We know how difficult it is to travel without taking our pets. Being “Dog-friendly” has allowed our guests to  enjoy the place, without missing or worrying about their pets, which could possibly reduce the overall enjoyment of the experience.


We are located near the beach, about 800 meters from it, which can be accessed by car, riding a bike or walking. For those who want to extend the journey and see other beaches we recommend taking a bike.

We suggest that guests with any physical handicaps come with their own cars or hire a 4X4 to reach the beaches.


Most of the times guests prefer to stay in the Inn, enjoying and relaxing, to going out and enjoy the wonders of the place. Whatever the choice is we´ll do everything we can to make your experience unforgettable.


To have fun outside the Inn we suggest hiring a local guide to take an adventure ride with their 4X4. They know the place very well, the time the tide changes, and they are going to indicate the best places to visit. That way, you don´t waste time looking for the best places or even missing them due to lack of knowledge of the place.

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