Kitesurf Icaraizinho de Amontada Brazil

Icaraizinho de Amontada

A paradise in west coast of Ceará

Icaraizinho de Amontada or Icaraí de Amontada, in the charmly bungalows of Hula Hula.

Icarazinho was, like Jericoacoara, a remote fishing village on the beautiful north shore of Brazil. The town has kept its slow pace lifestyle due to the fact that it was a rather hard place to access, but today the roads are better and more accessible.

Located at 220 Km from Fortaleza, at the West Coast of Ceara State, this little village it’s not yet known by common tourists, but just discovered by kite and windsurfers whom have found this spot, where on-shore wind blows around 20 – 30 knots per day, during july to december.

With simple markets, one pharmacy and a few commercial establishments, Icaraizinho still does not have structure to receive tourists whom look for comfort or night life. But if your goal is relax and do nothing but rest, explore the nature and sail, this is the spot!

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Icaraizinho de Amontada Tips


Currency is the Real R$. Icaraizinho is a simple fisherman village and some amenities can be limited. Take a look at the info below so you can get prepared:
Cash withdrawal. There are NO CASH/ATM MACHINES in Icaraizinho. You will therefore rely on local currency, credit cards, foreign currency (Euros and US dollars). Try to get Brazilian currency (Reais R$) while at the airport or in Fortaleza where there are Cash Machines/ATMs.
Currency exchange. LIMITED CURRENCY EXCHANGE SERVICES. It is possible to exchange money (Euros and US dollars) but the exchange rate it is not as good as you will find in Fortaleza. Icaraizinho does not have an official place to exchange money.
Travellers Cheques. It is NOT POSSIBLE TO EXCHANGE TRAVELLERS CHEQUES. It is only possible to exchange cash (Euros and US dollars).

Transfer, Bus or Rental Car?

The distance from the airport to Icaraizinho takes approximately 3 hours. TRANSFER: Costs from R$ 350 to R$ 450, depends on the type of Car. It's the safest and more confortable option, after a long flight...
RENTAL CAR: In Icaraizinho it's not necessary to have a car, but it's more confortable. If you are travelling only for Icaraizinho, and for more than 7 days, it's more cheaper and confortable to buy a transfer. If you are travelling to other spots across the coast you should use a rental car, will be more cheaper.


There is NO HOSPITAL in Icaraizinho, only a small clinic which offers limited service and the closest hospital is in Itapipoca ( 1 hour by car ). In case of serious emergency, helicopters can be deployed to transport the injured person to Fortaleza (**costs must be covered by your travel or health insurance). It is important to BRING PRESCRIPTIONS OR MEDICINE since the small pharmacy in Icaraizinho has a very limited stock of medications.