How to get to Icaraizinho?

If you are outside Brazil, the international airport with more flights is Fortaleza, the capital of the state of Ceará. How to get to Icaraizinho?

Flies to Fortaleza


  • Tap – Air Portugal (Every day)
  • Condor – Germany
  • Joon (Air France) (Starts in 2018/May) – France
  • KLM – Amsterdam
  • Meridiana – Milan/Italy

South America

North America

  • Latam – United States


  • TACV – Cabo Verde

From Fortaleza to Icaraizinho

You spend between 2 and 3 hours, by car, to arrive in Icaraizinho. The most part of the road was duplicated  in 2016, and it’s not necessary to have a 4×4 car.

  • Transfer by car: Our Pousada could book a driver for you. It’s not our service but we know drivers to do the transfer for you, from your hotel or airport. It’s the easiest way to arrive.
    Each way cost around R$ 350,00/400,00.
  • Rent a car: There are many companies to rent a car. It’s a gof you want to visit other cities in the coast, and here you could use to go to restaurants and different points of the beach.
    It’s not necessary to rent a 4×4 car.

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