Downwinds Brazil : Icaraizinho to Barra Grande

A challenge to any kitesurfer. This trip starts in Icaraizinho, passing through several lagoons, wind farms, secluded fishing villages, the paradisiac village of Jericoacoara, as well as other well-known kitespots such as Preá, Tatajuba and Praia do Maceió. We will have a support car on our trip.


  • Day 1: Begin the trip in Island of Guajiru, passing through Espraiado, Arpoeiras, Aranaú, Barrinha, Preá with final stop at the access point of Jericoacoara. Distance 65Km by downwind.
  • Day 2: Begin the trip in Island of Guajiru, passing through Espraiado, Arpoeiras, Aranaú, Barrinha, Preá with final stop at the access point of Jericoacoara. Distance 65Km by downwind.
  • Day 3: Depart Jericoacoara after the sunset dune, continue to Tatajuba, Ilha do Amor, cross the mouth of the Coreaú river reaching the isolated Praia do Maceió. Distance 60Km by downwind.
  • Day 4: We continue our trip from Praia do Maceió towards Bitupitá where we will pass by Barra dos Remédios and Pontal das Almas (border CE / PI), Cajueiro da Praia, concluding our adventure in the beautiful Barra Grande. Distance 70Km by downwind.

More information:

  • Distance: about 245 km.
  • Travel time: 4 days / 3 nights.
  • Level of difficulty: advanced.
  • What is included: transport of buggy or other vehicle (round trip); Lodging in pousadas with breakfast and intermediate snacks during the trip (fruits, water and coconut water). Experienced guide during the whole trip. * Equipment available for rental on request
  • Price: R$ 3.200 per person (3 people) | R$ 2.900 per person (4+ people)

Downwinds Brazil : Cumbuco to Guajiru Island

One of the most famous downwinds of Ceará to do a kitetrip. You will find different sea conditions, passing flat areas and waves. We will have a support car on our trip. Can be a buggy or a 4×4 hill or Mitsubishi.


  • Day 1: departure in the morning from Cumbuco, passing by the port of Pecém, Taíba beach and ending the day at Paracuru beach. Distance 50Km by downwind
  • Day 2: Leave Lagoinha Beach, passing Guajiru, Flecheiras and Mundaú beaches until arriving at Baleia beach. Distance 40Km by downwind.
  • Day 3: Start at Baleia beach, passing deserted beaches with dunes, with good waves and lagoons on the way to arrive at Icaraizinho de Amontada. Distance 36Km by downwind.
  • Day 4: It starts in Icaraizinho and it goes until the Island of Guajiru.  Distance 35Km by downwind.

More information:

  • Distance: about 160 km.
  • Travel time: 4 days / 3 nights.
  • Level of difficulty: advanced.
  • What is included: transport of buggy or other vehicle (one way); Lodging in pousadas with breakfast and snacks during the trip (fruits, water and coconut water). Experienced guide during the whole trip. * Equipment available for rental on request.
  • Price: R$ 2.400 per person (3 people) | R$ 2.000 per person (4+ people).

How to get to Icaraizinho?

If you are outside Brazil, the international airport with more flights is Fortaleza, the capital of the state of Ceará. How to get to Icaraizinho?

Flies to Fortaleza


  • Tap – Air Portugal (Every day)
  • Condor – Germany
  • Joon (Air France) (Starts in 2018/May) – France
  • KLM – Amsterdam
  • Meridiana – Milan/Italy

South America

North America

  • Latam – United States


  • TACV – Cabo Verde

From Fortaleza to Icaraizinho

You spend between 2 and 3 hours, by car, to arrive in Icaraizinho. The most part of the road was duplicated  in 2016, and it’s not necessary to have a 4×4 car.

  • Transfer by car: Our Pousada could book a driver for you. It’s not our service but we know drivers to do the transfer for you, from your hotel or airport. It’s the easiest way to arrive.
    Each way cost around R$ 350,00/400,00.
  • Rent a car: There are many companies to rent a car. It’s a gof you want to visit other cities in the coast, and here you could use to go to restaurants and different points of the beach.
    It’s not necessary to rent a 4×4 car.

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The biggest Kitesurf Trip in Brazil

Downwind from Cumbuco in Ceará to Barra Grande in Piauí.

Every year in september, the best winds will guide you to the most famous event of Kitesurf in Brazil. You can book with us on

During five days, more than 80 brazilian kitesurfers, inclusive athletes of the World Kite Tour, will be together in the coast of Ceará and Piauí, in the biggest Kite safari of Brazil. 380 km of amazing beaches and best Kiting Spots of Brazil.


All the athletes will have all the support in each stop of the Trip, in the best hotels os the coast. The staff is  composed os instructors and experienced kitesurfers and have 20 4×4 vehicles, jet sky, doctors and staff to take photos and videos.

Below the map and the schedule of the event.

Event Schedule of last year

kalanguinho 19/09 – Briefing

Lycras delivery, bracelets, folder with programming and sweepstakes.
Schedule:17:30 as 19:30 hs
Local: Lounge Kitecabana

kalanguinho Dia 20/09 – Star

09:00am: Preparation and Meeting to start
10:30am: Start
Local: Lounge Kitecabana

kalanguinho Dia 21/09

10:30am: Preparation and Meeting to start
Local: Hotel Platô Lagoinha-CE
11:00am: Start
Local: Orla da Praia de Lagoinha

kalanguinho Dia 22/09

10:30am: Preparation and Meeting to start
11:00am: Start
Local: Vila Mango – Icaraí de Amontada-CE
Event: Music show from 18:00 to 21:00 hs
Local: Pousada Vila Bela Vista – Preá-CE

kalanguinho Dia 23/09

12:30am: Preparation and Meeting to start
13:00am: Start
Local: Vila Bela Vista – Preá-CE

kalanguinho Dia 24/09

12:30am: Preparation and Meeting to start
13:00am: Start at  Farol Beach – Camocim-CE

kalanguinho Chegada

Local: Pousada BGK – Barra Grande-PI
Event: Sunset 17:00 as 19:00
Local: Pousada BGK
Event: Cocktail to finish the event with certificate for each one
Local: N/A

Places in the sun

Fortaleza has beautiful urban beaches. In Praia do Futuro is concentrated delicious “barracas” (rustic restaurants built on the beach), local music shows and lots of fun on the coast line, offering coconut, seafood, beverages as “caipirinha”. Praia do Futuro is preferred to enjoy the sunset , bathing or sports such as surfing or enjoy the famous tradition of the city , “Quinta Crab”, a custom that has of every week include the crayfish for tasting, until the end of the day.

The Crocobeach complex includes a restaurant, a bar, an ice cream parlour, swimming pools, a sauna, a souvenir shop, a party area and a beauty parlour. The Espaço Iracema is a restaurant with a seating capacity of up to 1,200. The VIP lounge can accommodate a further 300. In addition to seafood, the menu offers steak, pasta and a good selection of snacks. Entertainment includes live pop and rock music, as well as the traditional forró and axé, together with DJs and comedians. In the children’s area, a clown provides lots of fun for the kids.

Adress: Av. Zezé Diogo, 3125.
Phone: (85) 3521.9600

Vira Verão
Inaugarated in 2000, this beach bar is a favourite with Fortaleza’s young people. Whether you choose a table an the beach or on the lawn, you can enjoy a wide selection of snacks and a beer. There are tables with parasols, showering facilities, a children’s playground, parking and good security. In the late afternoon, the bar becomes a focal point for for surfers. One of the chef’s Specials is the Escondidinho de carne de sol. On Thursdays, there is live music from 9 o’ clock until midnight.

Adress: Av. Zezé Diogo, 3345
Phone: (85) 3391.6200
Site: ttp://

The beach bar Itapariká is partly responsible for marking Fortaleza the state capital with some of the best beach-front facilities in Brazil. With an area of ten thousand square meters, shade, for those who do not want to expose themselves to the on a hot Fortaleza day, is provided by four hundred lovely coconut trees. It is one of the longest established beach bars, dating back to the 1980s. The place is ideal to bring the kids, as it includes amongst its facilities one of the largest water parks in Praia do Futuro.

Adress: Av. Zezé Diogo, 6801
Phone: (85) 3265.3213/ (85) 3265.1195

Guarderia Brasil
Guarderia Brazil brings a new concept to Fortaleza’s beach bar scene. This sophisticated locale, surrounded by palm trees, offers modern facilities, including sun-beds and tables. Food, music and sports facilities guarantee a variety of different ambiences in which the “beautiful people” come to relax. Customers can enjoy the scenery whilst listening to an eclectic soundtrack, and as sunset approaches and the beach cools down, the musical selection gets hotter!

Adress: Av. Zézé Diogo, 4451.
Phone: (85) 3265.1327

Terra do Sol
This establishment’s slogan promises “everything good, together in one place”. The beach bar Terra do Sol, wich opened in 1992, is one of the busiest in Praia do Futuro, with a loyal clientele. It stands out for its quality cuisine and friendly ambience, with special area for children. One of the highlights of the menu is the delicious Shrimp Rice, but, as well as seafood, the menu is the delicious Shrimp Rice, but, as wellseafood, the bar also offers many other dishes that are popular with its customers.

Adress: Av. Zézé Diogo, 5295
Phone: (85) 3265.4223

Mountains of Ibiapina

Transfer to Tianguá (250km from Icaraí, 175 from Jeri). Discovery of the cascade “Cachoeira do
Frade”. Night in Tianguá (full board). On the second day, discovery of the National Park of
Ubajará (hiking). Possibility of paragliding in Tianguá. This program can start from Jericoacoara
or from Icaraí and can be combined with a transfer.

Kite trip to Lagoinha

Transfer to Lagoinha and kite on the spot; downwind to the lagoa do Jegue. Night in Lagoinha (full board option as for Jeri). On the next day, downwind to Fleicheras and Mundaú; kite on the Mundaú river mouth. Return to Icaraí.

Kite trip to Jericoacoara

Transfer to Preá and downwind along the beach (10km). Night in Jeri (full board option or free choice for hotel and dinner). On the next day, downwind to Tatajuba or transfer along the beach to the fresh water lagoon of Tatajuba. Return to Icaraí.

To note: it is also possible to combine one of these downwinds with a transfer to/from Jeri, without night.

Hiking in Itapipoca

Discovery of the mountains by car (4×4) and hiking (see upper). Night in a nice pousada, nested in a banana grove, with typical Brazilian food (full board)

Downwinds around Icaraí

-to Patos (ending with a nice flat lagoon at high tide, 10km)
-from Caetanos (15km, nice waves; option: starting with fresh water lagoon)
-to Ilha de Guajirú (40km, the most beautiful downwind of the region)


To note:
Meals with typical Brazilian food (BBQ, seafood) can be arranged for all these programs. Hiking will be adapted to the level/wishes of the participants. During the downwinds, an IKO instructor is always present for the security and will check the level of the participants. There is always an alternative program for beginners/non-kiters.