The biggest Kitesurf Trip in Brazil

Downwind from Cumbuco in Ceará to Barra Grande in Piauí.

Every year in september, the best winds will guide you to the most famous event of Kitesurf in Brazil. You can book with us on

During five days, more than 80 brazilian kitesurfers, inclusive athletes of the World Kite Tour, will be together in the coast of Ceará and Piauí, in the biggest Kite safari of Brazil. 380 km of amazing beaches and best Kiting Spots of Brazil.


All the athletes will have all the support in each stop of the Trip, in the best hotels os the coast. The staff is  composed os instructors and experienced kitesurfers and have 20 4×4 vehicles, jet sky, doctors and staff to take photos and videos.

Below the map and the schedule of the event.

Event Schedule of last year

kalanguinho 19/09 – Briefing

Lycras delivery, bracelets, folder with programming and sweepstakes.
Schedule:17:30 as 19:30 hs
Local: Lounge Kitecabana

kalanguinho Dia 20/09 – Star

09:00am: Preparation and Meeting to start
10:30am: Start
Local: Lounge Kitecabana

kalanguinho Dia 21/09

10:30am: Preparation and Meeting to start
Local: Hotel Platô Lagoinha-CE
11:00am: Start
Local: Orla da Praia de Lagoinha

kalanguinho Dia 22/09

10:30am: Preparation and Meeting to start
11:00am: Start
Local: Vila Mango – Icaraí de Amontada-CE
Event: Music show from 18:00 to 21:00 hs
Local: Pousada Vila Bela Vista – Preá-CE

kalanguinho Dia 23/09

12:30am: Preparation and Meeting to start
13:00am: Start
Local: Vila Bela Vista – Preá-CE

kalanguinho Dia 24/09

12:30am: Preparation and Meeting to start
13:00am: Start at  Farol Beach – Camocim-CE

kalanguinho Chegada

Local: Pousada BGK – Barra Grande-PI
Event: Sunset 17:00 as 19:00
Local: Pousada BGK
Event: Cocktail to finish the event with certificate for each one
Local: N/A