Evening entertainment in Fortaleza

The city has attractions during the day and night. It’s just the sun begins to set that you can find lot of places to dance, meet people and have fun. Most part of the cearense night is tematic: live music, humor shows, events with performaces by national and international artists in sophisticated houses are part of the program.

Open from Thursday to Sunday, the Orbita Bar attracts devoted clubbers of all ages, but Thursdays and Sundays themselves are by far the most popular nights for this veneu, which is located near to the Dragão do Mar Arts Culture Centre. The sounds range from surf-music to funk via alternative rock and pop, as well as live shows perfomed by various artists. Flirting takes place around the bar. Admission is free for the first 50 clients to arrive each night.

Address: Rua Dragão do Mar, 207 – Praia de Iracema
Phone: (85) 3453.1421
Site: http://orbitabar.com.br/

This is the newest city venue, with a capacity of five thousand. Located in a booming area of Fortaleza, Musique is fully air-conditioned. The various ambiences which include the dance-floor, alcoves, VIP lounge and outdoor area are all fully accesible to people with special needs. The main bar is in the shape of a piano keyboard. The decoration underscores the rhythms that play in the venue, and its acoustics are one of its best features.

Address:  Av. Washigton Soares, 6257.
Phone: (85) 3274.1357

This bar, with its European theme, is something of a new concept in Fortaleza. Located underneath a well-know city restaurant, the Vojnilô, this basement bar is air-conditioned and seats up to 150 people, with lounges, tables and a Bistro Bar. Open from Tuesday to Saturday, the musical programme ranges from Brazilian and International Rock, Jazz, and Pop to eletronic music. The menu features dishes and cocktails created by Chef Lúcio Figueiredo.

Address: Rua Frederico Borges, 409 – Varjota
Phone:(85) 3067.0046
Site: http://www.subsolopub.com.br/

Pink Elephant
Fortaleza’s Pink Elephant is modelled on a typical New York bar. Sited in a upmarket district, it has a state-of-the-art sound system and light-show, with 25  tables located in 6 different lounge areas, with wooden armchairs and velvet curtains. With an international level of service, the prices are commensurate with the local market. There is also a dressing room, where the ladies can powder their noses.The bars are an attraction in themselves!

Address: Av. Desembargador Moreira, 1741.
Phone: (85) 3037.4662
Site: http://www.pinkfortaleza.com.br/

Siará Hall
Established in 2005, this is one of the biggest concert venues in the city, and has played host to many national and international artists, including Roberto Carlos, Alanis Morrisette and Chico Buarque. The venue has a capacity of 14.000, on three air-conditioned levels. The first and second floors comprise the VIP Areas, and the dance-floors is located at ground level. It has eight box offices, eight cash-desks, four sets of toilets and a stage area of 580 square meters.

Address: Av. Washington Soares, 3199.
Phone: (85) 3278.8400
Site: http://www.siarahall.com.br/

Lupus Bier
Considered the largest reference mood show house, showing the public what the state of Ceará has more representative .

Address: Rua Tabajaras, 340.
Phone: (85) 3219.2829
Site:  www.lupusbier.com.br

This nightclub has a typically north-eastern theme. The decor is rustic, echoing the style of the Brazilian interior, with taipa and carnauba, and its programme features authentic forró shows.

Address: Av. Pontes Vieira, 55.
Phone: (85) 3227.5661
Site:  http://www.kukukaya.com.br/